Authentic Turkish dining

There is no better reflection of a culture than through its food. There's an innate, relaxed, and open way that people in Cape Town communicate, travel, and eat.


Built 120 years ago in 1904, the picturesque Victorian coach house that Anatoli calls home soon became part of the De Waterkant neighbourhood’s rich and diverse cultural history.


The coach house was converted into a beautiful restaurant and Anatoli opened its doors as the first and only eatery in Cape Town to serve authentic Turkish cuisine.


In a chance encounter that carries more than a whiff of destiny, Tayfun met his South African wife while she was traveling in Marmaris. In 1998, they returned to South Africa where Tayfun fell in love all over again – this time with the beautiful city of Cape Town.


Having decided to spend his days here, Tayfun realised there was one last thing missing: sharing the tastes of his homeland with the beautiful people of Cape Town. After seeing Anatoli for the first time, his heart leapt and he knew: fate was calling once again. 


Now, for almost fourteen years, Tayfun’s passionate attention to detail has ensured that Anatoli is the best and only way to authentically experience the pleasures of Turkish cuisine -without leaving the Mother City.